Old Friends


Hannah Cotterill worked alongside Gary Boast and Dan Zambas when Pandora first started showing signs of life back in 2013. Her vocals on the tracks ‘Home Sweet Home’, ‘Soul’ and ‘The Hard Decision’ are integral to the original sound of the band and fits the musical journey of the album. Spending time in the studio as well as performing live with the band they got to hear for the first time what these songs felt like beyond their own heads. The quality of her performances, attitude and approach, friendship and general happy vibe made it an absolute pleasure to work alongside her (counteracting against the misery and procrastination of Boast and Zambas…).


Dave Hopkinson has a long association with fellow Bad Elephant artist Trojan Horse, lead singer Nick Duke introduced Dave to Pandora he mentioned that they were looking for a bassist and he swiftly got in touch. Laying down his grooves to Pandora brought the low-end to life like never before and once this process was completed they knew that it was finished! From the new feel added to ‘Let Me In’ to the beautiful approach to ‘Home Sweet Home’ it became a new kind of work that surpassed what it was before.

Dave and Hannah have both moved on to other pursuits and we wish them well but also thank them for their contribution towards the album, it wouldn’t be what it is without them.

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